IMPEX (ALEX IMPEX Petroleum Services Co.) is a Petroleum Services Company working in the up-steam petroleum activities. It offers treatment of drilling wastes, cleaning oil tanks and other services in its locations Abu Quir Site and its QHSE policy is:

Take quality, health, safety and environmental principles into account in all business decisions and operations and follow the highest ethical values.

Train and motivate our employees to behave in a responsible manner in order to keep what is promised, deliver the services on time and to avoid risks to quality, health, safety and environment

Stimulate continual improvement of QHSE system, by defining and measuring, constantly reviewing and upgrading of processes in all QHSE areas.

Comply with all laws and other regulations and monitor legal developments and assume social and ethical responsibility where we work.

Communicate openly and honestly and cooperate with all our internal as well as external stakeholders and public.

Extend our QHSE principles also to our subcontractors and suppliers, and regularly monitor and assess compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

By holding to these principles we will continue to provide customers with services respecting quality, health, safety and environmental needs.

ALEX IMPEX’s Management is responsible for the implementation of the policy, as well as for the compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the area of QHSE.

ALEX IMPEX’s Management is responsible of reviewing QHSE policy once per year to ensure its continuity suitability.

Protecting people is top priority so we are committed to finding passionate and visionary QHSE staff. On our projects, in our offices, at our manufacturing facilities and onboard our vessels, we deliver quality work in a safe environment for all our employees, clients and subcontractors. We continue to challenge our approach to quality, health, safety and environment management and look at innovative ways to improve performance and set the industry benchmark. We ensure installations meet defined specifications, create and maintain a safe working environment, reduce the impact of our activities to the environment, design and construct plants according to international QHSE standards.

Impex petroleum services maintains an integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management system based on three international standards, which are ISO9001:2008 for Quality, ISO14001:2009 for environmental and OHSAS18001:2007 for occupational heath and safety.


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